100% produced in Canada

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For our first collection of knittedĀ beanies, we had the chance to use sheep's wool from Prince Edward Island to offer you an accessory produced entirely in Canada. This wool came from a flock of sheep in full health and raised only for its wool, in freedom and in the outdoor

The wool was then spun on site in a small family spinning mill and dyed with GOTS certified organic dyes.

Unfortunately, this collaboration had to end because this small local company did not have theĀ possibilities to make big productions and preferred toĀ focus on the retail sale of its balls of wool.

The ups and downs of a young clothing brand such as SWENN, which is keen to manufacture its products as locally as possible!

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We are committed to puttingĀ back in placeĀ our range of knitted accessories, entirely produced in Canada.

Unfortunately, there are still too few local and quality suppliers, but the next generation is coming! Thanks to an ever-growing enthusiasm from everyone for more local andĀ sustainable consumption, a new generation of local producers is gradually settling down and wishing to relaunch Canadian textiles.

We therefore do not despair of finding a wool producer with whom we can collaborate to once again offer you natural accessories from a local sheep farm.

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It is important for us to offer you accessories that respect the environment and that respect all skin types. This is why we want to collaborate with producers using only natural and / or certified organic dyes.


The design is made in Montreal, following the traditional fisherman's beanie style, then the production is entirely knitted and sewn by hand in Quebec City. The knitting is made respecting the greatest know-how of Quebec thanks to our knitter who has more than 50 years of experience in manual and mechanical knitting. Each model is manufactured on a semi-manual machine and sewn by hand, making them unique pieces. We take the time to craft each item neatly and accurately, to ensure the best quality with a sustainable, well-fitted and comfortable product.

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