Details - Stripy toque


The style of tradition


This sweater was first designed in our workshop in Montreal, then knitted and sewn in a small workshop in Quebec. The know-how and the expertise of these knitters and sewers comes from more than 30 years of experience in industrial knitting and the creation of sweaters and more knitted items.
Merino wool is thinner than traditional sheep wool which gives it a second skin effect. It has the advantage to not scratch and to be antibacterial which delays the appearance of odors. It is also thermoregulatory, which means that it adapts to the ambient temperature. It is therefore particularly warm in cold weather and breathable when it is hot. Thanks to this unique material, our sweaters combine softness, shine and lightness, while ensuring warmth, comfort and style.

Cashmere is an animal fiber that comes from the Cashmere goat. This precious wool is particularly recognized for its finesse, softness and lightness.

Thanks to the natural blend of its yarn, this toque combines softness, shine and lightness, while ensuring warmth, comfort and style.

Our yarn was spun and dyed in a very fine spinning mill in Italy. Before to be spun, the wool fleece was imported from New-Zealand. Our yarn supplier respects our quality requirements and support the animal cause (mulesing free wool). 
By working with local producers and artisans, we provide jobs and help the local economy. Each worker was fairly and practically remunerated for their activity in humane, safe and respectful conditions. We are committed to following all fair labor standards and practices so that you can wear our clothes in peace.