Our story


« Swenn is proof that fashion can be timeless and eco-responsible » Kristell.


In 2017, Kristell Geffroy, an explorer from Brittany (France), criss-crossed the Maritimes in a van. On Prince Edward Island, she discovers herds of sheep, raised in the open air, with fine and soft wool that give birth to an idea. It is there, facing the mysterious and deep waters of the North, that Swenn was born.


Back in Montreal, carried by the salty air that has forged her character since her birth, Kristell decides to launch her brand. SWENN offers « beautiful ocean-inspired clothes made from natural, organic and/or recycled fabrics, in accordance with the principles of fair trade. »

In 2022, Kristell and her family decided to move to Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. The Swenn adventure now continues on the shores of the Maritimes.


Graduated in fashion design and with fifteen years of professional experience as a fashion designer, Kristell surrounds herself with talented local partners who share her values of fairness, eco-responsibility and sustainability.


SWENN fashion, whose name is inspired by the four cardinal points, is worn every day, and in all weathers!

knitwear tricot chandail pullover pull de marin laine de mérinos merino wool


Pure virgin wool from sheep raised gently and in the open air on the green pastures of Australia and New Zealand.



Fitted, comfortable and high quality garments thanks to refined fabrics. A neat, elegant, unisex, timeless and functional design.



Fashion that respects humans, animals and the environment. Local partners who apply fair labor standards and practices.



Clothing created with respect, to be worn with pride. Knit stitches and designs that reflect nautical clothing. Daily action to make a difference, every day.