Washing instructions - Knitwear


"Washing woolen garments is often feared and uninspiring by hand washing, however it is simple to care for them appropriately and quickly." Kristell :)


Washing tips:

  • Choose a suitable detergent to avoid to damage the fiber. Either a special wool detergent or a mild shampoo for adults or babies.
  • Do not add fabric softener or bleach.
  • Add a low dose of laundry. Excess product may damage the fiber.
  • Flip your garment over to wash it on the reverse side.
  • Wash by hand in cold or warm water (no warmer than body temperature).
  • Mix gently, without squeezing the material, for about 4 minutes.
  • Let stand 5 mins.
  • Rinse 3 or 4 times as needed, in water at the same temperature as washing (temperature changes can damage the fiber).
  • Squeeze very gently, without ever twisting the garment. Wrap it in a cotton towel to finish spinning.
  • Leave to air dry, flat on the towel.
  • There is no need to iron your sweaters. The wool smoothes easily.


Our Swenn special soft tip:

If you find that the wool of your new Swenn sweater is a little rough, that's normal. To reveal its full softness and obtain total comfort, we advise you to wash it by hand once before wearing it. The softness of our Merino wool will then be optimal! You will notice that your Swenn sweater will become softer and softer after each wash.


Daily care tips:

  • Avoid as much as possible to keep your wool clothes (clean or dirty) in a ball, even more if they are wet. This tends to damage the fiber.
  • To avoid any distortion, it is best to fold your woolen clothes rather than hang them on a hanger.
  • It is quite normal that pills appear when you wear your sweater. It is possible to use an anti-pilling razor or a regular razor to eliminate them.
  • To prevent moths from damaging your natural fiber clothing, it is advisable to clean your closet regularly or to use lavender bags. Lavender being a natural repellent.