Washing Instructions - pants and shorts


Experience the tradition of exceptional craftsmanship with Swenn's pants and shorts. Crafted from a thick canvas fabric, they offer unmatched durability and functionality. While initially stiff, they soften over time, adapting to your body for optimal comfort. After a few washes, enjoy the transformation as they become increasingly supple,
ensuring the perfect fit. Embrace tradition with modern comfort and style.


Cotton pants and shorts washing tips:

We recommend that you wash your garment for the first time alone in a washing machine on a delicate cycle, in order to avoid any possible discoloration on the rest of your laundry.

  • Always wash inside out.
  • Lightly soiled: machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach.
  • Heavy soil: machine wash warm, color cycle, no bleach.
  • Air dry (never in the dryer).
  • If necessary, iron with a hot iron in the "cotton" setting.