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    t-shirt origin, printed in Montreal, made in USA

    atelier sérigraphie t-shirt imprimé à Montréal





    50% certified GOTS organic cotton &
    50% certified RPET recycled polyester.
    Our new t-shirts are now in
    100% organic cotton certified GOTS



    The artworks are sketched in collaboration with the graphic
    artist from Montreal Fanch (@metrosketcher) and printed
    by hand in a workshop in Montreal (Quebec).





    hand sketches @metrosketcher

    embroidered label logo sewing branding labelling



    Our t-shirts are fully made (knitting, dyeing, cutting,
    sewing, shipping) is made in a factory located in
    Long Island, in the New York state (USA). The cotton
    is produced & spun in Turkey. *We have not yet identified
    a local supplier, but we are working hard to find
    a suitable alternative.


    All our embroidered woven labels made in a workshop
    in Toronto, then they are sewn on the t-shirts by hand
    in Montreal. Our plastic packaging used to ship 
    the parcels are recyclable & made in Toronto. 




    imprimés t-shirts marin fait à Montréal





    Our suppliers shares our ethical standards & practices,
    and offers employees a safe and comfortable working
    environment with competitive salaries and benefits.